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South Central Railway eProcurement / Online Tenders

Railway procures stores through e-procurement system login into website  and there is no floating of Tenders manually.  The vendors should login into the website by using Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) to participate in the Tenders.  The Tenders costing > 15 lakhs are also published in the leading  NEWS PAPERS.  Firms desirous of quoting  will have to download the Tender Document from the above mentioned website.  EMD, SD can also be paid online through RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement).


Firms desirous of getting themselves registered with SCR, Secunderabad-500 071 can register by furnishing full particulars on application form, which is costing Rs. 100/-. The application form can be purchased by paying cash at COS office reception or by Money Order/DD drawn in the name of Controller of Stores/S.C.Railway. Petty requirements of Stores are also purchased locally by Stores Depots and Divisional Offices located in S.C.Railway jurisdiction. They also publish their requirement online through website mentioned above.

Guidelines for the  South Central Railway eprocurement process

  1. Online tenders related to various zones of the Railways and productions units are listed at
  2. Registered vendors must buy a class 3 digital signature certificate to bid for the tenders. The certificate has to be registered with the name of the organisation. Tenderers can easily buy digital signature certificate online in India from any certifying authority licensed by CCA. Within its validity period, the certificate can be used for participation in online tenders in India.
  3. Authorised bidders should have a valid and an active e-mail account to submit their registration request. They can submit their request online on the South Central Railway e-procurement portal. During the registration process, the vendor has to sign digitally using his/ her digital signature certificate. After the verification process, the user will receive vendor id, login id and password via email.
  4. Every bid submitted for online tendering should be signed digitally using a valid digital signature. The bid should be submitted before the closing time and date of the specific tender. The tenderer will receive a bid receipt indicating date and time of receipt of the bid, in an HTML format.
  5. As per the Information Technology Act, 2000, only a digitally signed document is considered valid. The receiver of the electronic signature can verify the identity of the receiver via the signature.
  6. The vendor will receive the digital certificate in the form of a USB token, in the name of the authorised individual and the company on behalf of which he/ she will bid. The user can submit the commercial offers online.
  7. The ‘Financial rate page’ contains all the bids submitted. To ensure confidentiality and security, the data on this page is stored and transmitted in an encrypted format. The data will remain in an encrypted format till the opening date and time of the tender. Highest levels of data security standards, are used in the activity, as provided and approved by the Certification Authority.
  8. All bids submitted online will be secure in a time locked electronic tender box. As mandated, these can be opened by two authorised railway officials who have digital permissions through digital certificates. The certificates are issued in their names and verified by the Railway.
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