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ICEGATE (Indian Customs EDI Gateway) is a platform designed for the user of Indian Customs EDI system.  This gateway is used by the entire trade partner who includes banks, custodians, financial institutions, FSSAI along with individuals such as Shipping agent, importer and exporter mediocre and Government agencies comprises DGFT, MCA, etc. for policy-making procedure, for management, customized business process, sharing information under custom business system, filing documents, making analytical and statistical purpose. This is a feasible platform which is facilitating wonderful Remote EDI Services (RES) in respect of a response of query, tracking the documents, inquiry of status, online payment, data transmission to the trade and industries.

There were a bunch of formalities and obstructions in the earlier process of verification such as a parody of identity of the authorized user, misapplication of the integrity of attributed clients, locating the identity of users, etc. However, Digital Signature implementation has eradicated all these issues because it provides a high sense of security of documents, reception of mail via the internet and sending the broadcasting documents to the trade, individuals, business partners and government agency in an accurate and safe manner.   

 Which type of Digital Signature Certificate is applicable for ICEGATE?

Well, before answering this question, let we introduce the magnificent organization which deals in all types of Digital Signature Certificate and that is Digital Signature Mart.  This is a trustworthy organization and it is an official partner of Capricorn CA, a leading giant in issuing DSC in all over India. We are digital signature certificate reseller and registration authority under Capricorn CA.  Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is applicable for ICEGATE.

Why there is a requirement of the digital signature certificate?

A Digital Signature verifies your identity digitally. It also holds an extremely secure database for your online transaction, documents submission, filing an online application by making certain that the user is getting the firm layer of security while exchanging the information using DSC. The encryption form of digital certificate make the message or document in encoded language and only the targeted receiver can read the message with the help of public key provided by the sender. The digitally signed documents cannot be modified, forged and misused by any unrecognized user and it also authenticates the identity of the sender of the message.  Hence you can get Digital Signature Certificate for ICEGATE at Digital Signature Mart in a fast and cost-effective way.