Digital Signature Certificate For GST Registration in India

Digital Signature Certificate for GST Registration

What is GST (Goods and Services Tax)? 

GST (Goods and Services Tax) is an Indirect Tax imposed by Government of India and it is was passed in the parliament on the date of 29th March 2017, but this Act is effective on 1st July 2017 which is named Goods & Services Tax. In short, GST is imposed on the supply of goods and services. This is a unified Tax which has substituted several indirect taxes earlier forced in India.

Why DSC is required in GST File Return?

When there is a turn of filing GST, it enables a business to elected employees as certified signatories which allows them to file and sign the GST return for the business as well as making an online payment. Any individual that is registered on the authorized person tab present in the GST portal for business can file and sign GSTR for that respective organization by utilizing digital signature certificates (DSC).

An approved Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate is needed for GST return filing and GST registration in India. Every documents and application yield to the Government such as GST registration and other documents uploaded to the GST common portal mandatorily contain the digital signature certificate. Therefore it is necessary to get Class 2 DSC for GST filing and Return.

A Digital Signature Certificate has fruitfully substituted a hand-written signature and it is compulsory for every form of a company such as LLP, Private LTD and all that. However, it is optional for other taxpayers to sign and e-filing in the GST portal. Class 2 or Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is needed which has the validity of 1 year, 2year and 3 years maximum.

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How DSC Has Become Compulsory for GST Filing?

At the current scenario, when the world is witnessing the digital era, and then every business is getting their operation done in an electronic form. It is because, this is a cost-effective, secure, advanced and logistics free concept. Therefore when you are doing the GST registration and after the filing GST return on the portal, then you need to authenticate your documents and you need the safety of your documents, so that it cannot be altered by anyone except you. That is your documents need to be digitally signed and it can be possible through the digital signature certificate. A Digital Signature Certificate certifies your individuality digitally. It also gives you encrypted and elevated security for your online financial transfer by safeguarding the firm layer of privacy of the data interchange utilizing a digital signature certificate. The best thing about using DSC is that only the authorized person has the right to use the DSC and he can make sure that only the recipient can read the documents. The digital signature in any documents will make your recipient assure that it wouldn’t have been altered during the sending the mail and also authenticate your identity as the dispatcher of the mail or message.


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