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Government of Maharashtra eProcurement / Online Tenders

The Government of Maharashtra has set up an online portal for submitting e-tenders. Various agencies, departments and corporations of the state government will use this system for processing tenders online.
E-tendering in India  is done via a user-friendly system which can be easily accessed through a computer connected to the internet. All the steps involved in the  processing of tenders, ranging from the preparation of the e-tenders to awarding them, are efficiently executed online in a secure procedure.
Contractors and suppliers who wish to bid for tenders for all of the above mentioned organisations, have to register for the e-tendering with the Government of Maharashtra.
The suppliers and contractors need to possess a valid user id which they can obtain after registering on the official portal of the e-tendering system of Government of Maharashtra – The user ID is then validated on the e-tendering system. In order to complete the enrolment process, the users have to submit documents related to basic information about the organisation, contact information and a valid email address.
The bidders can download the bid documents online. The bid response can be prepared and signed online with the digital signature certificates. Payment for submitting the e-tenders can also be done online with options such as credit cards, internet banking, cash cards and debit cards. For an updated list of modes of online payments visit the official portal – The tenders are opened online by authorised personnel using secure digital signatures.
The bidders have to purchase a valid Class 2 Digital Signature Certificates and Class 3 digital signature certificates for encryption of bid data and digitally signing the online bids. The certificate must be registered in the name of a representative of the company which is bidding for e-procurement in India.
Procedure to apply for digital signature certificates for e-procurement with Government of Maharashtra:
  1. Go to Download the application form depending on the type of your organisation.
  2. Fill up the form and attach the documents listed in the application form along with a passport-sized photograph.
  3. Forward your application along with a demand draft or pay order of Rs. 1000/- for a class 2 digital signature certificate(DSC) that is valid for two year. For a class 2 DSC valid for three years the service charges are Rs. 1200/-. The DD or PO should be in favour of Digital Signature Mart. payable at Delhi corporate office.