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DGS&D e-Tendering

DGS&D eProcurement, Directorate General of Supplies & Disposals Tenders

Directorate General of Supplies & Disposals (DGS&D) has introduced an e-procurement portal for vendors to procure items through the internet. The portal helps reduce the tendering cycle time and indirect costs.

On the DGS&D e-procurement portal, tenderers can view all the tenders hosted download the tender schedules. Additional features allow the users to view tenders under tender categories such as value, department, product category, etc.

A valid digital signature certificate is mandatory to submit bids for the DGS&D e-tenders. Digital signature certificates help verify the owner’s identity. The certificates are used to sign electronic documents digitally as well as to access certain information or services on the internet. For filing Government e-tenders, the certificates are used to sign the tender-related documents. Digital signature certificates are legally valid and ensure safety in online transactions.

As per the Information Technology Act, 2000, DSC are mandatory for individuals, companies and organisations who wish to participate in e-tendering, e-ticketing with IRCTC, e-procurement, e-filing of income tax returns, patent and trademark filing processes etc., in India. Under section 24 of the IT Act, a licensed Certifying Authority (CA) can issue DSCs.

A class 2 digital signature certificate or a class 3 digital signature certificate issued by a licensed CA can be used for e-filing on the DGS&D e-procurement portal.

  • Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate

    This is most popular class of certificates, and most applications would recognize this class of certificates.

  • Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

    This level of assurance is required generally by Tender portals and some highly sensitive websites.

    If you opt for class 3 certificate, all applications which are created for Class 2, should be able to recognize your certificates

Vendors can buy digital signature certificate online. They come with a validity of one year, two years and three years. The cost of the certificate varies with the CA and the validity of the certificate. ?The users should ensure that they receive two pairs of keys – one for signing documents and the other one for encryption of data.

Vendors who wish to participate in the DGS&D e-procurement process, must register themselves on the official DGS&D portal. After verification, the users will be allotted their login details. Users can refer to the ‘Bidders Manual Kit’ and ‘Notice to Bidders’ links at for more details regarding the registration process. At the time of enrollment on the DGS&D e-procurement portal, the bidders should ensure that the status of Digital Signature Certificate is active. The users are advised to note that activation of newly issued Digital Signature Certificate may take 1 hours or more. Hence vendors who have obtained a new digital certificate should register at least 1 hours prior to the submission of a bid.

Once the bidder has registered on the portal, he/ she can login with the user ID, password and digital signature certificate. After registering on the DGS&D e-tendering system, the vendors can login to their accounts regularly to access information regarding tenders. Email notifications regarding the publication of a tender notice will be sent if the vendor has selected the product under product category menu.

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