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Centre for Development of Imaging Technology CDIT eProcurement / Online Tenders

The Centre for Development of Imaging Technology (CDIT) was established by the government of Kerala in 1988 for the advancement of research, development and training in imaging technology. CDIT has four groups, each specialising in a core area, viz. Communication Group, Technology Group, Education & Training Group and Operations Group. C-DIT functions as a Total Solutions Provider to the departments and agencies under the government of Kerala in the areas of ICT applications and in supply of holography based security products.

The Centre for Development of Imaging Technology (CDIT) online e-tendering is carried out like the traditional tendering process in an electronic form. With e-tendering, CDIT is leveraging information technology, to make the process of online tendering in India, more efficient and transparent. The system helps suppliers as well as buyers to avoid long queues, reduce unnecessary paper work, save time and maintain transparency in the entire process. The system is secure and protected against unauthorised users. The security features incorporated ensure that all activities are logged, all the sensitive data about the registered users and tenders is protected by use of encryption. Only authorised users have access to this data. Tender documents signed using a capricorn ca class 3 digital signature verify the identity of the vendor registered on the Centre for Development of Imaging Technology (CDIT) online tendering portal.

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate is mandatory for participation in BSNL E-Tendering. The buyer department can advise tenderers on guidelines regarding the certificates. digital signature are stored in a password-protected USB e-token. Along with the certificate, a private and a public key are issued. The certificate owner should ensure that the private key corresponding to the public key listed in his digital signature certificate is kept confidential. Digital Signature Certificate is valid for one year, two years and three years from the date of issuance.

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