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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital Signature? How much does a digital signature cost?
The DSC is typically issued with one and two year validity. It includes the cost of medium (a UBS token which is a onetime cost) the cost of issuance of Digital Signature and the renewal cost after the period of validity. The issuance costs in respect of each Certification Agency vary and are market driven.
What happens after 1 year / 2 year? How does Digital Signature Work? What are uses of Digital Signature certificates? What are uses of Digital Signature Certificates in India? What is the difference between a Digital Signature and a Digital Signature Certificate? What is a Registration Authority (RA)? Can two or more people have the same digital signature? Which type of digital signature is provided by you (Digital Signature Gallery)? Who is the certifying authority of the digital signatures provided by you? My DSC has expired? How do I renew my DSC? What are USB / eToken? What is the benefit of getting eToken for DSC?

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